City Clerk

The City Clerk's office serves as the business center for the city.  The City Clerk carries out the following roles in support of the citizens of Kosciusko and the Mayor and Board of Aldermen:

Clerk to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen
The clerk keeps the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Aldermen.  The minutes record any official action taken by the Board.  All ordinances, or laws of the municipality, are maintained at City Hall and codified into a Municipal Code.   

Records Management
Virtually all records produced by a municipality are open to the public.  The few exceptions to this rule revolve around personnel information and ongoing litigation.  Any interested party may request specific documents from City Hall by completing a Public Records Request Form.  There may be a fee for the labor and materials required to complete the request.

Grants Management
The City of Kosciusko relies heavily on federal and state grants to provide funding for many of the projects in our community.  The clerk is responsible for much of the administration of the grant.  

Treasurer/Financial Manager
The Clerk ensures that the City's financial transactions and reporting are secure and trustworthy by monitoring and overseeing the accounting, budgeting, fixed asset management and internal control functions of the City's financial system.  The City Clerk must make certain that the City of Kosciusko's financial statements are reliable and in accordance with state and federal laws, reflecting the actual financial condition of the City.  An audit of the City’s accounting is conducted each year by an outside CPA firm to ensure the highest fiscal standards are continue to met by the City of Kosciusko.

Human Resources
All payroll, benefits, and Worker’s Compensation claims are administered by the City Clerk.  Health insurance annual enrollment is opened in April of each year.  The Board of Aldermen is responsible for the hiring and termination of all employees.  Once approved by the Board a new hire is required to pass a drug screening prior to employment.  Afterwards, the new hire must complete all employment paperwork with the City Clerk.  Social Security Card and Driver’s License are required for employment to begin.  The City maintains a staff of approximately 100 employees.

Rental Facilities
Jason Niles Park and Northside Park each have a building available for rental to the public for special occasions.  Please contact City Hall to reserve the building.  We do not accept reservation more than 6 months in advance.  A list of the rules for rental may be found here.  A $100.00 deposit is necessary to reserve the buildings, and payment in full is required prior to use.   The building at Jason Niles Park rents for $150.00.   The building at Northside Park rents for $125.00. 

Municipal Elections
The City’s elected officials consist of the Mayor, one alderman from each of the four city wards, and one alderman at-large.  The next regular elections for the City of Kosciusko will be held in 2017.  The City Clerk is responsible for conducting all municipal elections and can provide voter registration application.  Voter registration forms may also be turned into the Circuit Clerk’s office

The City clerk prepares the annual tax levy for the City of Kosciusko and for the Kosciusko School District.  The County Tax Assessor/Collector sends the funds to the City Clerk each month, and the clerk distributes the revenue to the city and to the school district.    Residents of the City of Kosciusko paid ad valorem taxes at the rates below for 2010.  City tax rates for 2011 will remain unchanged.

City Taxes                                                   32.25 mills
Kosciusko School District Taxes              54.03 mills         
Attala County Taxes                                 54.58 mills
Total Tax in Mills                                    140.66 mills

All permit fees and city licenses can be acquired at City Hall.  See our Privilege License page and our Building & Zoning page for more information on these requirements. 

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